“Hot Rod and Custom Car Show” Oil paint is one of Ron’s largest works as a hanging framed Art work 4’ X 8’ Canvas. Ron can do any type of Custom Art work for you hame or Business.

Come on in to Capp's and check out the new artwork. Original painting done by Mr. Ron Hauser just for us. It was a 5 month process but it was worth the wait and is finally hung. I personally would like to thank Ron for making my vision a reality. “Red” See you at Capp's!

Capp's Restaurant located at the corner of Hwy K and Mexico Rd in the Walmart shopping center. Come in and join us for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. We got everything to start your day right - omelettes, pancakes - you name it! Capp's Restaurant was started Cappuccino's as a local coffeehouse because of the ownership’s passion for good coffee the moved and trarted this full service.



Ron Paints "Freedom's Burdon" to honor our heroes and give an emotional Thank You to those Young Men and Women that have sacrificed so much that we may live in the most free and special country in the world.

hh Hauser

Henry J. Hauser was given fall honors and interred at Arlington Cemetery April 2015. Henry was Artist Ron Hauser"s Uncle, and Ron visited with him from the time Ron was 6 years old. Henry was wounded at Saint Lo France after landing at Normandy on "D Day Plus One". "Hank" would recall every moment of his service in WWII as a Medic with the 82nd Airborne. This painting was based on all the details Ron's uncle would go over and over until his passing at 93 years old. Henry was give 2 Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star for being wounded at Saint Lo while assisting another US solder after he was shot by a German sniper. That same sniper shot Henry in the back when a German mortar exploded hitting him in the back in the same place. After 3 months in the Hospital London England he was sent back to action in the "Battle of The Bulge" with the 101st Airborne "The Band of Brothers to the end of the war.


The Sword Dance The Sword Dance

"Romance on the Stone" "McDougle Clan War Cheifton"
The two paintings are the inspiration od Ron's oil paintings, based on the new Scottish time travel TV series, "Outlanders"


koreaN WAR koreaN WAR

Staff Sgt. Reckless “The Little Horse that Could”

To all of the American Heroes and Korean Vets that have been contacting me for the last three years to paint my impression of that unbelievable WAR Horse, SSgt. Reckless.  She is now on the canvas and finished. I have placed her right in the thick of the full battle of Vegas Hill top. Orders are already coming in from vets and those who just can’t get enough of this fantastic true WAR HORSE!

After going over and over the stories, photos and seeing the movie "WAR HORSE”, I finally got out my special Horse painting brushes and a large 24X36 canvas.

She started to come alive when I started to paint her in full battle action, bring all the supplies and 75 MM shells up that impregnable hill top to keep the M20’s firing away, along with spooling the communication wire from site to site.

This special painting is dedicated to my love for the heroic service horses along with our founding fathers as well as the patriots that came after them fighting to make and keep this great nation of democracy and freedom alive and well today.

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000_owl 001_Owl 001_Sandy and Pudding 01GS_Barbaro Wins
02GS_Swords and Roses 03GS_The First Supper 04GS_Cowboy Up 05_SomewhereRainbow
06GS_Blue Dress Big Smile 07GS_Making A Joyful Sound 10GS_100 Years of Flight 11GS_A Championship Season
12GS_Piano Man 13GS_Hope 15Champaign A Poppin 16Portrait_Wedding Party
16x20_dog 49WA_Bella and Brand#A46B3B Chandler Hill Vineya#39910B Corky_16x20
Warhorse Witchitaw_Lineman clowns ed