01-LittleYellowJacket CowboysWorking_Tools Crazy_Horse Ranch_Hand

Created By
Ron Hauser
Each Sculpture is a solid bronze hand made casting with a custom black Cowboy Patina finish.
A Special hand cut Black Marble base has been made to fit each sculpture.

Sponsored by Fine Arts Studio
Only 29 Limited Edition units will be made of each sculpture.
50% deposit required to place an order.
Two months lead time before Delivery

“Cowboy’s Working Tools” $3995
“Ranch Hand” $1,995
“Crazy Horse” $2,495

Visit with Ron for other details

Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture may seem expensive to some, but once one sees first hand the tremendous amount of time and handwork each sculpture undergoes to become a finished sculpture they fully realize that the bronze media is truly a work of art and have a whole new appreciation for the bronze media. In fact the price is well offset by the artisans involved throughout the entire process, from the inspiration, concept or design and creation of the original maquette by the artist to the artisans working at his or her designated art casting foundry. A long tedious turn of events transforms the sculptor’s original wax, clay or whatever media into a finished work of art in bronze or other cast metals, including precious metals.