“Hot Rod and Custom Car Show” Oil paint is one of Ron’s largest works as a hanging framed Art work 4’ X 8’ Canvas. Ron can do any type of Custom Art work for you hame or Business.

Come on in to Capp's and check out the new artwork. Original painting done by Mr. Ron Hauser just for us. It was a 5 month process but it was worth the wait and is finally hung. I personally would like to thank Ron for making my vision a reality. “Red” See you at Capp's!

Capp's Restaurant located at the corner of Hwy K and Mexico Rd in the Walmart shopping center. Come in and join us for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. We got everything to start your day right - omelettes, pancakes - you name it! Capp's Restaurant was started Cappuccino's as a local coffeehouse because of the ownership’s passion for good coffee the moved and trarted this full service.



Ron Hauser is an amazing artist, man and now friend. I was vaguely familiar with the fact that Ron was an artist and was excited to run into him at an expo and get to finally see some if his work. I later contacted Ron to see if he would do a painting of some of my husbands favorite 2016 World Series Chicago Cubs players as a surprise for him. Ron agreed and would send me pictures of the progression of the painting as he was working on it. Being included in the progression of the painting was a very unique experience and the finished painting was absolutely beautiful. The details were accurate right down to Kris Bryant’s dimples! It will proudly remain as the centerpiece of my husband’s Cubs collection for many years. There will never be another team like the 2016 Chicago Cubs World Champion Team or another artist as talented as Ron Hauser.

Mindy Elledge


For my beautiful wife I wanted to get a special gift for our 5th wedding anniversary and I wanted a hand painted painting of our favorite winery where we got married, Chandler Hill. I met with Ron and we came up with an original idea of a few pictures of Chandler Hill. Ron came up with an original idea, painted it and I surprised my wife with this beautiful painting and she loved it. Thank you Ron for such a great work of art, u are an original !

Thank you, Kelly Ferrell


"An Oil Portrait is forever!
I had the good fortune of working with Ron Hauser before he retired and took up his love and talent of Oil Painting professionally. As my wife and I hit our 47th anniversary together, we commissioned Ron to do an oil portrait of
us that would be a lasting legacy of our Love and Life together. We really do enjoy the portrait every time we look at it, and are pleased with the way he captured our likenesses "

Herman and Eileen Voth, Scottsdale, Arizona


I purchased a painting for my son as a way to honor his sacrifice for our country. Tears welled up in his eyes as he stared at the solder, remembering all of his military experiences and losses. He was amazed at how accurately Ron depicted the combat gear. It is obvious that Ron has thoroughly researched his subjects before ever touching his brush to the canvas. My son Jeromie proudly displays the painting in his living room for all to view as they enter his home. I was so pleased to give him something that he will cherish a lifetime. Thank you Ron, Rhonda Goggin Ofallon, Mo.



Several years ago I was having a conversation with artist Ron Hauser about his possibly creating a large 24” X 36” original oil painting on canvas of a 1959 Red Corvette convertible for my office wall. I am an agent for AAA Insurance Agency, and love the old classic cars. Ron's painting of that Corvette with the background of a Retro style Dinner was spot on with fantastic attention paid to the detail of both, the car and the dinner. I have also been pleased to now have several other pieces of his art work hanging at our home.

Patrick J. Miller


While on a trip to an MG car show, Paula and Charles made a good friendship with the owners of another MGTD that matched theirs. As the friendship grew, Paula was talking about naming the MGTD as the other couple had named their MGTD "Bonnie" and Paula had a great idea to call hers "Clyde". The matching set of MGs were now known as "Bonnie and Clyde".

When Charles' wife, Paula, passed away, he commissioned a close friend, Ron Hauser, to do an oil painting of "Clyde". Charles did this in memory of Paula and the good times they had with their three children while exploring the world in their MG named "Clyde".

Thank you Ron for painting Paula's 1952 MGTD "Clyde" for us,

Charlie Key, Adam Key, Adrianne Key, and Amanda Dulatt

British Cars Restorations and Services, LLC

St. Louis, MO 63114



This is the Painting that Ron was commissioned to do of John Wayne in the last shot of the John Ford Movie “The Searchers” which was based on the true life story of the Massacre of his SAR Patriot and 5th Great Grandfather Elder John “High Jonnie” Parker Privet in the US Army during the American Revolutionary War. Elder's Granddaughter Cynthia Ann Parker was kidnapped by Comanche Chief and held for 24 years as his slave wife and had 3 children the oldest was Quanta Parker (The Last Comanche Chief) .

His son James W Parker was responsible for forming of what is now the Texas Rangers that would keep searching until they found Cynthia Ann alive. John Parker’s father Nathaniel Parker (Ron's 6th Great grandfather and Patriot) served under General George Washington in the attack on the French at Fort Duquesne. “The Searchers” has had a great impact on several lives including that of the young man that had this painting made due to it having been tagged as the best western movie ever made. Ron had a special connection before ever finding out about his relationship to the Parker back story, it was that while living in Chicago at age 12 in 1956, his mother was given tickets to attend the premier of the movie at the Chicago theater, and they would visit with John Wayne and Word Bond while sitting in the front row.


A Gift for my Son.

I was given the opportunity to purchase a one of a kind gift for my son when I worked for a private club in Downtown St. Louis.  After seeing how wonderful Ron's work was, I picked the "Missouri Whitetail".  My son is an avid hunter and I knew he would enjoy the painting for years to come.  It is a true replica of what he sees on a cold winter morning during the hunting season when he comes upon the beautiful sight of a trophy sized buck.  The painting hangs in an ideal spot for my son to see it from wherever he is in the room, it reminds him of the beauty that God provides for all of us to enjoy.

Thank you, Ron, you have provided us with a true treasure!

Linda Van de Riet

I met Ron when he came into my office I was working at/ he handed me his business card and I got to looking around on his website. I noticed a painting of a Saddle bred horse I recognized. I asked him how he knew that horse and rider. He indicated he painted them while at  The American Royal Horse Show in Kansas City, and we hit it off from there. Ron then was  commissioned to do a beautiful oil painting of  my Saddle bred “Champagne A Poppin”  . Ron really did capture the moment of one of our wins.  Thank you Ron for creating a keepsake I can pass down to my son!
Valerie Creamer



Sometimes one’s family history needs a renewal, to keep it alive. The artist Ron Hauser depicted for me a particular moment and place in the small town of my Dad’s birth. While never photographed at the Frankford depot, there was regular rail bus service by the St Louis & Hannibal RR in the 1930s. Ron brought the scene to life, as well as any camera. His attention to detail included making a visit to the site. The station agent Clyde Holman was depicted exactly as described by the grandson who is shown waving from the window. Even the step stool is accurate - I have one of the originals. The fine painting “Friend of Frankford” hangs over my desk, serving me with its links through time.

Ron’s helpfulness continued after his completion of the painting. Doing his own framing He used a weathered wood to provide the perfect rustic offset. Multiple prints were framed for relatives and fellow “Friends Of the Short Line”. Recently, when I wanted to send note cards with that image, Ron made the arrangements for them well.

Whether it is your own personal story or a bit of family history, Ron could help you honor that moment. Be sure that the moment you choose has a story that the Good Lord is not done with. More than stewards of just things, we are also shepherds of dreams. Some of those who went before us passed along a rich heritage of faith, hope and love. May your painting share a glimpse of that timelessness moment, in eternity.

Andy Sisk       St. Louis Museum of Transportation



I would like to express my gratitude to Artist Ron Hauser for the outstanding oil portrait painting that I commissioned him to paint several years ago. I met Ron several years ago as he has been a frequent customer at my workplace, Office Max. We were able to be of assistance to him, by producing high quality small print images of his original paintings after they had been painted on canvas. Upon seeing some of the great artwork he had done, I inquired in regards into getting one om my pictures done in an oil painting. The Painting that he did was very nice and has been enjoyed by all that has seen it. Thanks again Ron for your quality work and I will always enjoy the painting that you named “The Piano Man”.

Donell Jones

“The Piano Man”



Ron Hauser painted a portrait of our grandson David Freese, and it was perfect! He enjoys painting and it shows. He put his heart and soul in his work. By that I mean....David's face almost became real. We felt like we could almost talk to him. Needless to say we were very pleased.

Norma Freese

“Dreams Come True” inspired by the St. Louis Cardinal’s 3rd baseman David Freese of the 2011 World Series Champs.


The Beginning - -

One day as I was thinking about what special birthday present could I give the Love of my life that would be moving and extremely special.  As I pondered the usual ideas, it came to me to have my good Friend, and talented Artist, Ron Hauser paint a picture of the special place that she and  I first met; the Red Caboose in Frontier Park, St. Charles, MO.  The Red Caboose holds a special place for us as it was the beginning of our  amazing relationship.  I asked Ron to incorporate the date we met as if it was the serial number of the train, and he graciously obliged.  The Caboose traditionally represents the ‘end of the train’, but in our case, the Caboose signified  “The Beginning” of a connection, and eternal Love.  Ron helped capture an emotion and memory within the canvas and paint that will forever be hung in our home.


Last Grand Master - -

I saw the painting of the Templar, Last Grand Master that Ron had on display at a local festival where he  was set up, and as Knight Templar myself, I knew  that I needed to proudly display the amazing photo within my home.  It hangs proudly in the entrance of my home so that all can see.  This painting helps me remember as I leave the house each day who I am, what being a Knight means, and to always think about how I can fulfill my Knightly vows, and take care of those who may be in need.


My wife Joyce,was looking for a special Christmas present for me, and asked Ron (a
fellow Shriner clown member) if he could paint a portrait of me in my clown outfit.
Using photos he had taken of me in one of my clown outfit, and using his artistic knowledge, and abilities painted this oil portrait on canvas. Knowing that I was a Mason, and also a retired auto technician, Ron added items into the painting to reflect these very important parts of my life. He
also used the Shriner Circus theme as the background which really made it a lifetime of Shriner Circus memories for both my wife Joyce, and myself.

Moolah Clowns past president,

Jim Fritz



Marilyn and I are members of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, Knights Templar. Several years ago she gave me the, 'Ron Hauser, "Knight Templar of Service and  Honor"  print' as a gift. Ron has an incredible ability to capture not just the character of the  individual but the essence of the Order. This exceptional work of art epitomizes the ancient Crusader, Knights Templar and the chivalric and charitable principles they stood for. This work has become the focal point of our Knight Templar art collection and is our favorite work.


God's blessing on you and your family,


SGM (RET) Thomas K Marshall GCTJ

Deputy Grand Prior, Region V

Grand Priory of the United States

Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem


I would like to commend you on your ability and talent as an artist. I am not a “connoisseur” or “Critic” but I know when Something is good.
This painting of SGT RECKLESS is outstanding, in one picture you have captured the Honor, Courage and Commitment of the Marine Corps that this little filly, herself showed for “her” Marines.
As a Marine I am truly proud to have this painting prominently displayed in my home. Just as I now the 5th  Marines on Vagas Hill were of this horse, their fellow Marine. Photo is of me and my father who is also a MARINE.
Thank You!



We met Ron & his beautiful wife Mary on a trip around Europe we were taking to celebrate my wife Susan’s 50th birthday. We struck up what has become an enduring friendship with Ron & Mary. During our travels we discovered Ron was an artist. My wife Susan has a deep interest in the Native American Indian & Buffalo so I spoke to Ron in secret about a painting I would like sent to our home in Australia to celebrate Susan’s birthday. After much communication between Ron & I “End Of Their Trails “arrived safe & sound not only as a special birthday gift but as a constant reminder for us of the friendship we have with Ron & Mary.

Happy trails & god bless Ron & Mary

Chris & Susan Hafey


New South Wales



"Gratefully, Ron Hauser captured the essence and expressions of our dog, Brandy, and our son's dog, Bella, in this wonderful painting.  We enjoyed watching Ron as he worked on it at a coffee shop on Old Main Street in St. Charles and it became especially meaningful after Brandy died.  We admire and appreciate this artist's amazing talent and the attention to detail which makes Ron's works so realistic and memorable."
The Perry Family


We are eternally thankful to Ron Hauser for creating historical portraits of both Earl and Myrtle Walker. Earl and Myrtle left a lasting legacy of care for children through the Walker Scottish Rite Clinic and having these lovely depictions by Ron gives the Clinic and the Scottish Rite a permanent visual way to honor their memory. We are grateful for this philanthropic gift of Ron’s talent and time in memory of Earl and Myrtle.

Sheri K. Mistretta, Executive Director, Walker Scottish Rite Clinic


Thank you!


Over the pass 11 years that I have known Ron his artwork has always impressed me.  Upon the passing of my son three years ago I requested Ron to paint a portrait of my son.  I was only able to provide Ron with two or three small photos of my son however Ron was able to paint an absolute likeness of my son.  I am proud to have the painting hanging in my living room.


Ed Murray

This past Saturday, April 29th 2006, my wife and I went to Silver Dollar City. It was raining all day, and the one show my wife wanted to see  “THE MOSCOW CIRCUS”
- we missed on account of us not knowing the correct location of it. All day we kept going to the Opera House, when in fact it was at the Gold Exposition Hall.
        So we thought our wet and soggy day was for naught.
        Prior to leaving the park we stopped at a Cowboy Art  Store next to the General Store. There I saw the most incredible painting. I called to my wife-“ honey, look! It’s Hoppy and Topper! “  And on the spot we purchased your Western Icon H/P # 5, Stock # HC810CF, 8/500 , signed by you dated 5/23/05.
        I just wanted to thank you for the honor of purchasing this piece. My wife and I love Hopalong Cassidy, and have 40 of his short movies.
        Hoppy always cheer us up, as did finding this painting on our otherwise dreary day.

Click here for the

Muncaster / Pennington Castle Story

Here is a photo of Ron Hauser (birth name Pennington) and his wife Mary in the Library of Muncaster/ Pennington Castle making the presentation of the original oil painting Ron had painted “The legend of the White Owl” to Peter Frost-Pennington. This is the ancestral Castle of Ron's 16th Great Grandfather Sir John Pennington who gave sanctuary to King Henry the 6th during “The War of the Roses”.

The Pennington family was not at Muncaster when Ron & Marry made the visit for a few days, but Peter along with Bronwyn Leece the castle manager was delighted to accept the painting on the behalf of the Pennington family and provide a photo opportunity along with a wonderful one on one tour of the Castle and beautiful grounds.

Peter is a cousin to Ron by marriage and pr-managing member of the family. Muncaster Castle is owned by the Pennington family, who have lived at Muncaster for at least 800 years. The Muncaster estate was granted to Alan de Penitone in 1208.

All Rights reserved. No Photos are allowed of Paintings, Sculptures,Demonstration , displayes, or any part of his web site, including but not limited to Ron’s original artwork may be reproduced in any format without written permission.
Ron Hauser Enterprises LLC-
St. Charles ,Missouri

Email: rhauser@peoplepc.com