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Don't give away your original. Get your fine art painting reproduced, and always have a copy of your work.


First we scan in the artwork into the computer using the best possible quality scanner.

Then your digitized art can be sized, colored, manipulated, and any additions can be made.


From there you will be able to print your art onto canvas, watercolor, or photographic paper at anysize.

An archive your art will be burned onto a CD for use at anytime.


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Fine Art Giclée Printing

We use large format ink jet printers which are the tool of choice for artists and printmakers when it comes to Fine Art Giclée Prints. These printers give you the highest resolution, which is museum and gallery quality. They provide sharp lines, crisp text, brilliant images, fine detail, & smooth gradations. The advanced ink system has unparalleled color gamut, durable, fade resistant quailities.


Artist choose the medium, watercolor paper or canvas, often the same as the original work was done on. A regular paper and other materials are also available. Canvas pieces are usually stretched which is called gallery wrapped.

What exactly is Giclée?

Giclée (jhee-clay) - Derived from the french verb gicler meaning to squirt. The term giclee print typically connotes a certain elevation in printmaking technology. Images are high resolution digital scans printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates. The giclee process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction.
Giclee prints (also known as Iris prints) are advantageous to artists who find it not feasible to mass produce their work, but want to reproduce their art as needed.

Once an image is archived, additional reproductions can be made with minimal effort and cost. Thus the up-front cost of mass production is eliminated and printing is done on demand.

Another tremendous advantage to Giclee printing is that artwork can be reproduced to almost any size and on various media, giving the artist the ability to customize prints for a specific client.

Image permanence is a concern to artists and collectors. The archivial inks are very stable, giving fade & color shift resistance.


Bring In Your Artwork & Have us make Reproductions !