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Scanning - Digitizing - Input

We can scan anything, any size, any medium. Film to original art work. Huge oil paintings to the small watercolors, and sculptures of all shapes. We have experience with all sizes and mediums of artwork!

Our Art Scan Process:

• Expert Handling and Care for Originals
• Studio Lighting, and polarization
• Custom Color Profiling
• Native Large file size files / 16-bit Data Capture
• Multi-image capture
• Superior Image Sharpness
• Excellent Shadow/Highlight Detail

Scan Sizes:

Small Medium Large Extra Large

Start with a High Quality Preservation Scan...

Have Your Original Art Professionally Digitized Right the First Time. Do It Once, Do It Right...

In-house Digital Photography Studio
At Trotter Art, we know how critical it is to start with a high quality digital capture of the original artwork.

In fact, 90% of the quality of a giclee is derived from the quality of the capture process!

That is why we have invested in a high resolution digital capture system. At the heart of our digital photography studio is Hasselblads digital camera back. Considered by many to be the finest technology available for capturing rare and priceless works of art.

When your artwork arrives at our studio, it will be handled professionally and photographed in our digital photography studio with care and precision. The impressive digital capture will be archived to provide you with a high resolution file.

Our digital capture of your art can be repurposed to any reprographic service you may need, now and in the furture. Whether that be for a note card, a litho project, or your website, rest assured our digital file will show your art faithful to the original no matter what the process. Don't let a poor photographic capture of your art lower the quality of your image wherever it is seen.

Our Advanced Lighting Technique
Oil paintings in particular have structure and depth to the paint. If not lit and captured properly, there is little chance the reproductions like Giclees will resemble the original artwork, brushstrokes and all. In fact, most giclees of oil paintings are flat and lifeless because they are difficult to light properly — but not our giclees. That's because of the skill and care we put into the capture process. This level of detail and texture cannot be done with desktop scanners or other consumer digitizing equipment.